Clay Beathard — the younger brother of country singer Tucker Beathard, as well as the son of songwriter Casey Beathard — died after being stabbed outside a bar in Nashville, Tenn., on Saturday morning, Dec. 21. The college football player was one of three victims, one of whom survived. 

Officers report that an argument over a woman began inside The Dogwood, located on Division between 19th Avenue South and Lyle Avenue, turned into a physical altercation when the parties involved went outside. Metro Nashville police responded to a call about a stabbing on the 1900 block of Division Street around 3AM Nashville time on Saturday. Three men, including 22-year-old Clay, were stabbed during the incident.

In addition to his Tucker, Clay Beathard’s 4 siblings included San Francisco 49ers quarterback CJ Beathard . Their grandfather, Bobby Beathard, is a Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee and former NFL general manager. 

A statement from the Beathards read:  “Clay was an amazing, big and soft hearted human being with an undeniable love for the Lord. He had his family’s, friends’ and teammates’ backs even to a fault. I wish he would have been more inclined to take the high road but he hated ‘wrong. Yes, he was stubborn sometimes but mostly because his beliefs were strong. He lived a full life except for the chance at being the incredible father I knew he would have been. He loved kids, underdogs and the less fortunate …He will be missed. That is an understatement….”  and concluded with: “He was never afraid of a challenge so please, all of you, take on the next challenge with faith in God and knowing Clay is smiling down and has your back. I love all of you and I love for the gift he was to us for a little while.”

Tucker Beathard’s Family Issues Statement After Brother’s Stabbing Death


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